Slaving an OpenWrt router to another

Very new here, so I'm sorry ahead of time. I have 2 OpenWRT routers (The main is a VM). My main router manages everything (DHCP, Port Forwarding..). I want my secondary router get the DHCP statics from my main router. I've mistakenly cut myself out from the router a couple times, so some assistance would be very appreciated. Keep in mind I only know how to use luci web interface.

Things I've tried, in no particular order:

  • Interfaces >> LAN >> DHCP >> General Setup >> Unchecked: Ignore interface
  • Interfaces >> LAN >> DHCP >> Advanced Settings >> Unchecked: Dynamic DHCP & Force
  • DHCP & DNS >> General Settings >> Unchecked: Authoritative
  • Interfaces >> LAN: Set as DHCP..
  • Uninstalled Dnsmasq..

It was pretty simple in ddwrt, that's why I'm coming here. I must be missing something obvious.. In the meantime It's due for a fresh OpenWRT restart to undo my experimenting.
Edit: Wow it really was easy. These are the steps I used to make a dumb ap after a reset to default:

  • Moved cable going into my dumb routers WAN port to an empty LAN port.
  • Network >> Wireless >> Enabled & Configured Radios
  • Network >> Interfaces >> LAN (Edit) >> General Settings >> Protocol: DHCP Client
  • Network >> Interfaces >> LAN (Edit) >> DHCP Server >> Ignore Interface: Checked
  • Save & Apply

On the br-lan interface, change the protocol from static to dhcp client. Might need the save the changes "unchecked".

If you're not using the WAN port, set it up as described in


you may want to look up "Dumb Access Point" or dumb ap
I think it's the description of what you want


Thanks! you put me on the right track by not using the WAN port.

Appreciate the terms. Now I won't feel like an idiot next time something like this comes up. :grin: