Slate AX (GL-AXT1800)

was wondering if there is such a small board that can act as equivalent to the

I don't need wifi6; just wifi5/ + able to manage 100mbit via wireguard... and running openwrt and be small as that device 10x8x4cm .. and ideally ~200gram



or perhaps


Hi, I've got one of these on order... Slate AX (GL-AXT1800)
What is the status of Open-WRT on this please?

The webpage claims '' Runs on OpenWrt 21.02'' ???


it doesnt seem to be supported :
But I think you can install Luci (the OpenWRT web interface) on it easily

pretty much all routers run openwrt, even the unsupported ones.

Work on ipq60xx hasn't even started yet (it depends on ipq807x to get working first, but will require considerable efforts on top of that). Chances for ipq600x support are unlikely due to hardware constraints, at least ipq601x seems to be the baseline for eventual support (expect years, not months).

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so which ipq is used in gl-axt1800? thanks

GL.Inet's data sheet says ipq6000, I have no information beyond what they advertise.

So how can GL-iNet claim to be running Open-WRT 21? I'm puzzled...

they use openwrt 21 as platform for their own fw, just like all other vendors ?
although most of the others use older versions than 21.