Size of an image created with the image builder

What happens if I use the image builder to create an image too big for my device?
Is there a reliable method to determine if an image is too big, or how much free space will I have?

The same rules as in the build system applies also to the image builder.
If the resulting image is to big, there will be no image at all.

You mean the image builder checks the size before creating the image, and aborts the process?
What about free size for the overlay? Does it depends on the image size?


In general, yes - but there are still legacy profiles where the maximum size isn't specified as exactly as it needs to be.

Here it gets a little difficult, jffs2 requires at least 5 free erase blocks - for most devices an erase block is 64 KB, others have 4 KB (others could do 4 KB, but then operate so slow to be useless)…

For modern DTS based, non-legacy, devices the limits should be correct, for older devices you might be up for less pleasant surprises - and don't expect the buildsystem to account for your overlay.

Many thanks to both of you!

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