Sinovoip Banana Pi R2 - non-functional LEDE sources

Please help. My friend set up Banana PI R2 for the LEDE project. Unfortunately, it is not possible to install packages due to a change of source. I tried to be a patriot, but the operative able outcome is unable to work

As a new user, I can't add the entire resource log, so I only send the first

*** Failed to download package list from

Please advise the correct sources for further use of the router. Thank you

sounds like your using non-official ( Sinovoip ? or is that just a brand ) build... maybe try their/bpiR2 forums...

what does;

ubus call system board

say... or ask your friend where they actually got the software from... either way it looks pretty old... so you are probably going to need an update ... so again... i'd recommend you head to the forum above and ask around... if only to confirm which "flavor" will best suit your needs prior to flashing anything...

That's an indication of a very old LEDE snapshot installation. I guess from around 2017/2018. Even if you could download the package lists, you would probably not be able to install packages due to the nature of snapshots. Even after a single day it might be impossible to install certain packages, and your snapshot installation is at last 2 years old.

Why don't you install the latest 19.07.1 OpenWrt image?
Your problem with not being able to download package lists will be gone and you will be able to install packages as you like.

BTW: Not sure if the limitations listed here still apply:

Hello. New openwrt 19.07.xx I would use a number of unfortunately the image is really cropped and even version 18.xx did not support LAN ports. if anyone has an SD card image for this device. I'll be more than grateful for her. it does not go wifi and even the mini pciexpres slot somehow survive. Sorry English do not control transcriber translator. Thank you for your willingness to help

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openwrt support for this device is minimal, as mentioned, best to chase up the vendor/re-seller or the official device forum.

otherwise, express your interest in the outstanding github pull requests. many people have been here before with similar needs to yours without resolution.

the short answer for most is to use an alternative to openwrt for this device, if you expect to have a dynamic and versatile product.