Single Sign-On for OpenWrt website subdomain properties

Is it possible to have an SSO login/token system for OpenWrt properties/subdomains? Specifically, the forums, wiki, and bug systems all require different logins.

Is the current state of things the result of an active decision (i.e. there are good reasons to keep them as distinct entities)? Or is it related to complex backend/platform incompatibilities that would be challenging to unify? Or has it just not been requested and/or prioritized for whatever reasons?

If it is possible have a single login profile, I think that would make things much smoother when moving across the various properties.


I login via github on wiki + forum + flyspray.

No. It just happened that one day I discovered that dokuwiki supports oAuth via plugin, so we just implemented it for the wiki. -> login via github working
Some time after that the forum changed to discourse, and it supported oAuth too. -> login via github working
That's all :slight_smile:

It has been requested very few times IIRC, but since login via github is possible for forum + wiki, I doubt that it makes much sense to put work into another unified solution.

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I guess it's kinda funny... I've done this backwards, then. I was first registered for the forums via that registration system (I think back in the days of LEDE, so maybe before Discourse was being used), then the wiki, and now the bug system via Github.

It certainly isn't worth a major effort to create a unified solution. But useful to know that the capability is already there, assuming you start with Github.

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grrr.. I actually just created an account on flyspray, but not GitHub :man_facepalming:. Can't file a bug with that account. So now I'll have 4 accounts related to OpenWrt EDIT: nevermind.... flyspray does work for filing bugs, it just wasn't logged in for some reason. And I probably should have signed up for GitHub a long time ago, anyway. :smirk:

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Now all cool names are taken.

Yeah... I'm late to the party :laughing:

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