Sing-box OpenWRT

Hello, does anyone here use sing-box as a proxy server on their router? I seem to be struggling to set mine up and I'm currently not sure what's causing this issue.

I tested with two proxy protocols (TUIC and Hysteria2) but when I'm using a program called Parsec I get error code 6023, running steam link on my phone seems to have connectivity issues when remoting into my house desktop.

But here's the catch, the same proxy software which I've setup offshore on a VPS connects to my Parsec server just fine! it even runs steam link smoothly which most likely roots the issue down to either a misconfiguration from my part or not setting up the firewall/iptable properly. Just a side note I tried replicating the config files between my VPS and home router but still no luck.

Any help regarding this will be extremely greatful as I can't seem to find and resources regarding this issue I'm facing.

sing-box is made somewhere else, you have to seek people who made your packages overlay.

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I guess it's best to ask the GitHub repo regarding setting up sing-box as a server then?

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Yes, you have to ask them.

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