Since 19.07 update, Luci does not resolve MAC --> host from static leases


For devices being used as APs (no routing or DHCP), under OpenWrt 18.06 I was able to configure MAC address to host name associations in Network -> DHCP and DNS -> Static Leases. Devices associated to an AP would display the configured name in the Host column in Luci. After updating to 19.07, Luci no longer displays a name for associated devices, just a question mark (?).

Any help in restoring this functionality is appreciated.

Done some more testing. It does not seem to be device dependent. I've tried multiple. Reverting to 18.06.7 MAC address to name resolution works in luci. Using either 19.07.1 or a snapshot from the master branch, it does not.

Afaik static lease configuration was saved in /etc/ethers and /etc/hosts in earlier versions.
In 19.07 it is saved in /etc/config/dhcp in 'config hosts' stanzas.
I maintain /etc/hosts on my APs to get the hostnames displayed in LuCI


I have been using /etc/config/dhcp for hosts since... forever, basically.
You can choose either method, depending on your goals.