Simultaneous Wireguard Server and Mullvad Wireguard Client Setup?

I believe there is some issue with PBR when the traffic originates from the router itself. I can recall a couple of more topics with the same problem. But if you managed it with off router WG server and it works fine for you, I am happy.
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FYI VPN Policy Routing for local (router's) services #resolved

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Appreciate you keeping an eye on this, mate. Unfortunately, even with rp_filter=2 to allow VPN Policy Routing to successfully route Wireguard networking (I did a test run with them set to 0 as default, and despite VPR reporting 'success' it wouldn't work properly, whereas it worked with it set to 2). Moreover, that's why in the VPR doc guide it specifies setting an 'output' policy on port 61820 (as configured wgserver listen port) to push it through wan. That having been said I might try my hand at this again with a more hands-on approach to IP-tabling - see if adjusting output interface/destination or perhaps between forwarding/output/postrouting may yet yield a better outcome.

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