"Simple" Prioritization for a Single VOIP adapter?

Yikes! I have spent HOURS digging through the forum for advice on doing this, but I keep falling deeper into the rabbit hole. I have a Linksys WRT3200ACM running OpenWRT with 5-VLANs configured. One VLAN is solely dedicated to a single VOIP adapter, an Obi200 running Google Voice. I frequently get audio breakup on VOIP calls in spite of having a 200 Mbps internet connection and a small LAN with little download activity.

I want to give absolute priority to the VOIP adapter in the simplest manner possible, to guarantee the lowest possible latency and all available bandwidth. Should I be looking to prioritize the VLAN, the adapter's MAC, the adapter's IP, or the adapter traffic's packets using its DSCP mark (which appears to be 26 by default)? Having answered that question, which package should I be using and where can I find a tutorial on setting it up?

I realize this may seem to be a basic question, but I really can't see the forest for the trees!

i'd start simple with cake SQM (cake + piece_of_cake) and per host isolation option, this will distribute available bandwidth fairly between the currently-active IP addresses. the audio breakup in your voip call could be caused by other clients on your lan downloading/stating a video stream etc.. this usually have great results in general for "latency/bandwidth" matters in typical home network, second step should be layer_cake with DSCP markings but it'a a bit more complicated..

I don't really want to be fair, I want the VOIP adapter to have it all when it needs it. But I'll take a look at the link you provided and see if I can figure it out, thanks!

A VoIP call requires approximately 100 Kilobits per second both in the in and out direction. To get the short end in per internal IP sharing you would need quite a lot of concurrently active devices so that the fair share falls bekow 100kbps.
Configuring this is considerably easier than any specifif prioritization, which edpecially for ingress is tricky....