Simple noob-friendly GUI instructions for setting up selective VPN usage

Hi. I am using OpenWrt 22.03.3 on an ASUS RT-AC750L router. I managed to get a VPN (Ivacy) running and working for all devices using this tutorial (steps 1 -> 2.b -> 3 -> 4.1-b). I don't have any special VPN interface listed under Network -> Interfaces. VPN seems to be working, but I am stuck with selective VPN usage.

I've been spending hours Googling in order to achieve either of the following but was unable to do any:

  • use VPN by default for all devices, then select some devices to directly connect to WAN without VPN
  • use WAN (no VPN) by default, then select some devices to use VPN.

I've followed several tutorials - both video and written, got nowhere. I installed pbr, but could not do anything with it. I am not network savvy at all and have very little to no idea about interfaces, firewalls, etc. So I would really appreciate if someone could give me some step by step instructions on how to achieve either of the two things mentioned above using LuCi.


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Not sure if bumping is allowed but I'm having literally the same problem. Mine's just without the L, "DSL-AC750" aka (I think) DSL-AC51, so it's a modem, that means no custom FW.

Basically wondering if there's a way to do selective routing of the kind clnoob talked about on stock FW.

I don't think asuswrt does selective routing.

Policy based routing is what you need

Please see the link below for details/instructions

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No OpenWrt on modems (DSL-***), I don't think. Which is the main conundrum we're having.

I was just checking if I'm missing an option on stock asuswrt.

If you’re not using openwrt on your device, you should seek help from support channels related to the product/firmware you have installed. This forum is focused on openwrt.


Well you're not wrong. I misread OP's model as DSL rather than RT so I thought I was +1'ing this.

Thanks anyways

Thanks, but I tried PBR and could not make heads or tails of it. I also followed a couple of tutorials if I remember correctly, but could not get it working. PBR might need some more in-depth knowledge of networking which I don't have. Also I don't feel confident enough to experiment with PBR without properly learning it since VPN leakage is very likely and it is a privacy concern.

I actually took a different approach and managed to somewhat achieve what I wanted. I added a second router which takes its WAN from a LAN port of the main router, and in that second router I set up OpenVPN for all devices. Now I just connect devices that need VPN to the second router's wifi, and connect other devices to the first router. It actually feels better since the two routers are separated and there is less chance of VPN leakage in case I screw up PBR or the likes trying to do it on the same router.

I might fiddle with it later out of curiosity, but for now the current solution is working fine for me. But still, if you or someone else could write up a simple step by step instruction for PBR (preferably with a GUI if it has any), that could be helpful for people who might want to do selective VPN usage on the same router but don't have much networking knowledge.


I can see there are many videos regarding pbr for openwrt on YouTube, some very recent.

Yeah I checked out some of the videos, but could not get it to work. For example, this seemed too complicated and went right over my head. I tried this as well but it did not work for some reason (maybe because I set up OpenVPN in a different way from the YouTuber). Anyways, I have plans to dive a bit deeper into this issue later on. For now I was wondering if there was a simplistic PBR-based front end for newbies (kind of like ufw/gufw on Linux). But it appears that it's not so simple. Thanks for the info anyway.