Simple Firewall required - which router?

For the separation of "two" computers sitting in two networks. One internally and one "DMZ".
Using a router would be the easiest way - but which router should I buy? It should be available as a new device and speed doesn't really matter. The DMZ server would consume a few MB a day from the internal server only on user "request". The internal client could be integrated / connected on br-lan via Wifi but 5GHz is not a requirement.
Is there a new cheap device available in Germany / Europe? I like TP Links and Netgear, but a C7 would most probably be overblown.

Just take care of and get a common, well supported device with the specifications you're looking for.

The Xiaomi mir3g might fit the role quite well.

I'd be very careful getting MIPS for a "new" device, go for ARM as they're just as "expensive".
Should work reasonably well

good price, but
according to the downloads section it does not have a dedicated build? shows the ip140 snapshot to be used - that implies that it is not that well / wide supported?

I see, thanks.
Is it snapshot "only" because it is a newly supported device?

Yes, support for it was only added after 18.06 was branched off.

Okay, Zyxel seems to be a new favorite. Thanks. I rely on your recommendations. 64 EUR with good performance at GigE is ok.

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