Simple and useful tip for your dumb AP

The DHCP leases is empty anyway, and Active Connections is always 0. So lets delete those sections.

Just delete network.js and dhcp.js (or rename it .js.old) from:


And the useless information sections will be gone :slight_smile:


ummm, what? Also, it's dumb AP not dump AP.

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Oh, I tought I wrote dumb AP. I'm tired lol

You haven't outlined what "useless information sections" are was my point.

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if you don't want to remove anything, you can rename them with a revised number order and it will show the different sections in the order you choose.

I did a combination of them, I am showing the wifi info first and removed the dhcp and dsl stuff.


Good to know,
Replaced between wifi and dhcp on my Main router