Hi, i have a problem with Simple-Adblock or better with a single domain when Simple-Adblock is active. On videos are not running when simple-adblock is active (for example: or any link on where play icon is shown). I have set in allowed domain and in Allowed Domain URLs.
My blocked hosts url are:
What do i wrong?
Thx in advance

the videos are hosted elsewhere ?
stol isn't even on any of the black lists ...

fire up your browser, and press F12, to monitor the traffic, see what sites get requested by the web page.

the red ones, are as you see blocked, in my case, by ublock origin.

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Ok. On your browser the video is starting? In my browser with adblockplus and in the whitelist the video is starting. On Openwrt with simple-adblock and in the whitelist it doesn't.

apples and bananas ?

adblock blocks on parts of URL too, DNS blocks on FQDN and/or wildcards of FQDNs.

are they using the same block lists ?

Probably :blush: ; it's my unknowledge...
No, they are not using the same blocking list, Adb+ in my browser is using easy list & easy list germany

disable adb+ and do the investigation, it's no rocket science ... :wink:

adb+ already is whitelisting So i dont know how to investigate, as i whitelisted in simple-adblock to. Did you reproduce the issue or only test it in browser with ublock origin?

I'm not home, I can't reproduce it atm.

Disable simple-adblock too, does it work?

If i disable simple-adblock on router videos work.

So it's one of your lists in simple-adb.

Trial and error.

Or fire up the F12 console in your browser, to see which domains get blocked.

This isn't really an Openwrt issue, but an issue with your block lists.

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Thx for the advice. I delete all the urls lists in Blocked Hosts URLs and use the one used by adb+ addon in firefox in Blocked AdBlockPlus-style URLs
now its seems to be working. So it must be one of the lists.