Simple-adblock ad blocking test score

With simple-adblock in openwrt router i got this score.

Is there anyway to improve this score?

depends on what it's testing.

openwrt adblock only blocks by dns names, browser adblock can block on (and part of) URL, and is able to catch more.

Blocking by URL is never going to work in a router, unless you start to analyze the traffic.
Which in itself is problematic, since most data is transferred by https nowadays.

I get 69 out of 100, when I disable ublock origin in the browser, and only rely on my piholes DNS blocker.


yes i am also using ublock origin and i get 100 score. And simple-adblocker in OpenWrt router i still get ads in the youtube app on mobile.

YT have semi dynamic DNS names for their ad server, and are harder to catch.

unless adblock support regex, the YT ad servers will be quite hard to block, or
you find a block list which updates very frequently (more often than daily ?).

Note that the YT app might have hardcoded google DNSes, you'll have to intercept and reroute
those DNS calls in your router.