[Sim Card] Unable to Connect with APN OpenWrt [X10 4G LTE]/WE826-T2


I'm having issues getting connected with SIM Card to the network with an LTE Router.

I tried a lot of different configurations and through a lot of different configurations but still unable to get through. In the image below has some of the configurations that I think are important.
I did try with Gateway as well as setting DNS to or or

All the configurations from the "Web Commands" cand be found in this Pastebin:

I can "Generate Config" to manually modify and re-upload to the device.

WiFi is configured and I can connect with computer.

I'm unable to ping ( and with router's diagnostics.

SIM Card activated per call when I called support and from what I was told where I got the service

The manual doesn't have the same OpenWRT version as the device. Somehow QC passed...


Doesn't look like an official openwrt version ?

Install proper openwrt release, assuming the device's actually that it claims to be, or ask the vendor/seller.

How would I go an update the device?

Try the instructions in the link above.