SIM card based router with v2ray

I'm really new in OpenWRT

But don't worry I'm an IT student so I'm not really blind about basic tech term such as linux command, networking term, and so on.

So let's go to the my point, I want my another device such as smartphone to get internet access with wifi in a router, the router get internet access from cellular connection (4G LTE). In another word I need router that has built-in sim card slot / integrated modem in a router.

But, the internet access of my router with SIM card is not directly connected to my ISP of my SIM card. Instead, it will connected through to tunneling. I'm using v2ray specifically vmess. In another word, I need v2ray client in OpenWRT therefore the internet access am I used is using proxy from v2ray server.

If you don't familiar about v2ray, it's basically tunneling method for me.

So, here I need several guides and recommendations:

  1. What router should I buy?
  2. How to install OpenWRT to the router?
  3. How to setup V2ray client in the router with OpenWRT installed so that it connected to internet from cellular data (4G LTE)?

Take a look at GL.iNET "4G LTE Router Gateway" family.

hey are you able to find the router which can do these? I also need router like that.

It is not available in india. Any idea if i can flash v2ray on 8MB space router. As it has 8.5 installation size.

only if your router have an USB port, you can use for extending the storage.

8MB routers will be EOLed by Openwrt after next stable release, due to insufficient flash space.

Thanks for reply. It doesn't have usb port.
But also I don't find any router with more than 8MB in India in decent price. It is so sad and frustrating.

then you need to pay more than just a decent amount of money, or live with the fact your device won't get any new firmwares after upcoming v23.

if you're looking for a device without an USB port, it probably needs to have at least 32MB flash, to be somewhat future proof, and be able to accommodate v2ray.

Yeah I understand. You are fast. Awesome. Thanks.