Signup issues with email confirmation

Hi All,

I could not sign up with my regular e-mail as I would never receive the confirmation email. BTW, this is the 3rd site this has happened. Wondering if you think it might be that my email has double dots, ie: Aggravating, but I did get signed up with a gmail addy...


I cannot personally help you here, as my moderator role doesn't allow me to see the email addresses and mail logs of the system. Maybe one of the other staff with additional permissions can take a look (@tmomas, @jow, @thess -- can you do this)?

Assuming you're talking about different sites, this potentially suggests that the mail provider (gt.rr) is either filtering these types of confirmation/activation emails (to junk mail or refusing to accept delivery entirely), or that there is a misconfiguration on the servers somewhere (likely on their side).

It seems that you're setup now with the gmail address, so hopefully that all is well now. Let us know if you need any specific help (and hopefully one of the other forum admins can look at the logs to see what happened).

This isn't the first time we have seen problems with email to RoadRunner ( addresses. These are from legacy TWC/Spectrum/Brighthouse and Charter users. I'm glad you were able to get in using Google OK. Without knowing your failing email, I will try to find any obvious rejections in our email forwarder logs. But just looking for may not be enough. BTW the mail-exchanger for ( seems to imply you are a Charter customer.

If we are not the only site that is having trouble emailing your, I'd check with your mail provider/ISP.


In our mailer logs -- your address is being bounced because you have "greylisting" enabled and it is rejecting mail from


Well this is waaaay more information than I've ever managed to get from the other sites, and for that, I thank you! This is way above my "pay grade", I've Googled "spectrum" with "greylist" and get literally nothing, so no idea where to go from here. I am A-OK with the gmail sign-up though!


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Out of curiosity, do we know if the mail sending functionality/server used by the forum software understands greylisting response "temporary error" and tries to resend the confirmation message a bit later?

Should the user try verification again from GUI if the message does not arrive quickly?


From my end, I've attempted resending the "confirmation email" a few times over days which obviously didn't get through. Maybe I should have done that every 10 seconds for a few minutes? Maybe that would have defeated their greylisting timer...


Our forum mailer uses a relay hosted on a different system. There are no delivery errors in the forum logs. On the email relay server (exim4), there are messages being blocked by temporary greylisting responses from the Spectrum/Charter servers. Retries are done but I am also seeing 554 errors and AUP#In-1000 error responses suggesting our mailer IP is blocked as suspicious.

@RAS - if you want this fixed, you'll have to contact your ISP/Mail support and have our mail IP ( allowed.

Too late now, I'm in! But I will definitely BM this conversation for when it happens next time I try signing up somewhere and never get the reply back email. Appreciate all you've done to clear this up!


It appears I’m experiencing a similar problem. In my case I’m trying to change my confirmed e-mail address, as I’m in the process of terminating the associated ISP. I’ve tried several times, but do not receive the confirmation e-mail. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. BTW, I've checked the spam filter for both (old and new) e-mail addresses. And I'm also having the same problem with another tech forum.

@lwbeam - I'm not seeing any email bounce issues or any other tell-tale signs of a problem.

You can add a secondary email account to your profile -- have you tried that method?

If that doesn't work, feel free to message me directly and I'll try to help sort out the issue.

Just tried adding new e-mail address. Still no confirmation e-mail received.

As a test I just successfully added my junk ( address, which I don’t want to use, and received the confirmation e-mail. The address I’d like to add has a .net TLD, which may be the problem.

I've just sent you a test email -- please check to see if it has arrived.

Received test e-mail sent to old address.

Please PM me with the new address -- I'll try a test message to that one.