Signal wifi too low compared with stock firmware

I want to ask, my router TP-Link WR840N V5. using stock firmware on outside home wifi signal full, change to openwrt try, change channel , etc. Try again to outside home, signal immediately goes away, change it to N mode 40Mhz wifi not displayed on my android, already try to change some region still same ( i cant try it one by one cause my limitation devices. I know), already try all channel too, still same, WMM enable or not, still same. and when use firmware stock i can achieve 150mb signal strength, on openwrt i can acieve 150mb signal strength on some region only, ( i'm use android module to help achieve that ) please help.....

Reading other threads here will reveal that:

  • Your signal strength is likely not "too low"
  • 40 MHz wide channels are seldom useful in real-world situations
  • A compliant driver will fall back to 20 MHz width in many real-world situations
  • OEM drivers may advertise a 40 MHz channel width, even if it can't be used
  • The "advertised" rate of 150 Mbps has little to do with what is achievable

First off, your unit only has 100 Mbps Ethernet, so I'm pretty sure you've never seen more than 100 Mbps throughput.

What matters is the achievable throughput on the link. For a unit like a TP-Link WR840N v5 on 2.4 GHz, I would be surprised if you can get more than 50 Mbps, with 30 Mbps still being good for single-stream, 2.4 GHz, 802.11n throughput.

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Yes i know my devices only support 20MHz, even i force it 40MHz on stock firmware, and i can achieve 150MBps link speed on my android see this

but on openwrt even i move inside my room which behind my router and only blocked by concrete wall, 1 - 2 signal bar gone.
i dont really care about Link speed, it just limit for my devices can send, right ? but what i consider is signal strength why on Firmware Stock can more powerfull ?

yes, it is theoretical limit.
but it seems to be the only thing you care about...

maybe someone will help if you show that you have a real (reproducible) problem

No, what i want is compared with firmware stock, Signal that openwrt send and firmware stock was big difference, with openwrt on even the router behind wall my android lose 1 - 2 bars. :slight smile:

just guessing wildly, but could be your stock fw is using beacons @1mbit using a modulation with better penetration whereas openwrt defaults to using 6mbit beacons.
see option legacy_rates

this would give the impression of "better" signal but would probably not reflect in better transfer speeds.

I Can't Use option legacy_rates at SSH...
don't know why signal wifi too low compared with stock...