Shown hostnames are useless


I had an Asus Router with stock firmware before using LEDE and prefer LEDE in every way, except one thing. My Asus router showed every device hostname and I knew exactly which MAC and IP is associated with the regarding host.

With LEDE, I can't associate the given hostnames. They have following formats:

  • android-(random-number) (for my Android devices: Smartphones, Android TV, Nvidia Shield)
  • ? (for my iPad)

Since I have many Android devices, I can't differentiate between them without looking at the host.

Is there any package which adds a better hostname assignment?

One easy fix is to assign them static leases in the DHCP config. Then you can assign them proper names which will get shown.

I have done that:

DHCP Leases
Hostname 	IPv4-Address 	MAC-Address 	Leasetime remaining
SamsungTV	1c:5a:22:33:44:68	10h 58m 59s
Z97I-LAN	78:24:33:44:55:1c	9h 15m 35s
Paperwhite3	f0:4f:44:55:66:e5	3h 3m 45s
Rantakindle	f0:4f:55:66:77:3a	2h 50m 16s
C480W-WIFI	30:cd:66:77:88:5d	8h 40m 57s
Kindle300	44:65:77:88:99:76	11h 47m 7s
Nexus	d8:50:88:99:aa:7c	7h 11m 20s
Hannu650	5c:ca:99:aa:bb:c4	8h 38m 54s

Since you say android devices, get Fing from the play store. That will help you out when making leases.