Show signal-strength of 3g/4g-usb-dongles in LuCi


Im using OpenWrt 18.06.1 on my NEXX WT3020 with a HUAWEI E398 4g-usb-dongle and Im searching for a way to display the signal-strength of 3g/4g in LuCi.

The original-firmware of the NEXX had an inbuild function for that. But all I find in www are informations about really old legacy-versions of OpenWrt, that were able to do so also.

Can someone guide me to the right information please?

Anyway, if someone could tell me the command to display the signal-strength in terminal, that would be good also. For now I only have the indicator on the dongle itself, and that is really inaccurate.

Thx 4 any help


I saw posts on ModemManager with LuCI integration here recently, which may address some of your goals, though perhaps with different configuration.

probably has the information you need -- uqmi is the typical command-line utility for OpenWrt and many modems.

It may be a different utility if using one of the other connection methods. That page has links to AT, NCM, and RNDIS information as well.

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Huawi has no QMI mode, but NCM.

There was a patch, but it seem to be no implemented: