Show serial user data on webpage


I am new to OpenWrt and need some help. I have a system which is connected via serial interface to a 8Devices Jalapeno and I would like to show some status information (temperature,..) of this system on the Jalapeno webpage.
I am able to create a new page/tab and use ListValue objects on my openwrt build and I am able to send serial data from the Jalapeno to the system.

Could someone please help me or point me in the right direction?

  1. Do I store the status data received from the serial interface in a file or is there an easier way?
  2. Is TextValue the right object to display some text?
  3. How can the page be refreshed every 1sec to display new data?
  4. I have created *.lua pages/tabs, do I need to create html page to display the data?

Any help is very much appreciated.
Thank you!

Lua files are executed on the router, you can probably poll the data from the lua file rather than storing data from serial connection in a file and reading it from the lua file.

AFAIK the TextValue is for entering text, you may be able to use DummyValue and/or view in a form of HTML file to better display the data.

If you're not married to lua, with the javascript/RPCD model it may be easier for you to control the details/elements of the output than with the lua/html combination.

Thank you for your reply.

I have no experience with javascript but I will look into this approach, thanks for the suggestion.