Should LEDE forum have a security section?

I really think that routers are worthless without security.


But it is in itself a security-centric OS. Firewall enabled by default,etc...

LEDE is not a Single Project in itself.
It is to address any discovered vulnerabilities in its subcomponents as well as integration.

Yes, please.
Subforums right now seem kinda "global" (not sure if this is the right word but I guess you get the point).
I want to open a thread about LEDE hardening and ask for tips, iptables, ebtables, etc.

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You can use Installing and Using LEDE or Network and Wireless Configuration categories for this kind of questions.

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I think a security forum would be a good idea. Though maybe not immediately.

There's the re-merge with OpenWRT first, apparently, and then after that the fate of the forums and wiki will be decided... I think that would be a good time to refactor forum topics.

There's a balance to be struck here between having too many forums where there aren't enough posts to keep people coming back, and having topical forums that let people pursue their interests. The subforum feature might be useful here... you could have Security as the top forum, then color tags for VPN, AAA, firewall, and CVE/bugs.

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I was going to say much the same thing. I support creating a sub-topic (as we have done for "Network and Wireless Configuration") when it meets these criteria:

  • There is interest in the subject, as shown by many topics/replies. (This avoids orphan postings, where no one sees the request because it's not in the right category.)
  • The messages for that subject would otherwise "get lost" in amongst the other topics of the top-level category

To bolster the request for a sub-category, you should do two things:

  1. Review a month's traffic on the forum, and see whether it meets those criteria.
  2. Propose a "About Security" blurb, to guide people about what should or shouldn't be included. See, for example, the "Installing and Using LEDE" description at Installing and Using OpenWrt (Note, for example, that a firewall question might belong in the networking sub-category or the security sub-category. How can we make it clear to a reader which they should choose for their post?)


As an alternate view, I'll point out that this (Discourse-based) forum has an excellent search facility, and that rather than relying on people to add accurate tags, we should encourage people to search for those terms which will "naturally" occur in the postings.

I've never been able to get into the use of search terms for generic discussion purposes.

Though I use it a lot when researching a problem, and greatly appreciate that both this forum and OpenWRTs have no hipster policy against bumping old threads... which improves the site for those purposes greatly since regressions can carry their history with them.

But if I'm just looking to see what's new, being able to click around in a few categories seems more natural.