Should I use attended Sysupgrade?

Hi attended sysupgrades which was snuck into the bottom of seems to be a better way of upgrading my firmware rather then finding the sysupgrade file and saving my packages and then reinstalling it on update. Am I missing something? There also seems to be a lack of documentation on this so I just wanted to seek some guidance. Does it still work?

Thanks in advance

I seems to have updates in a regular manner in the code, so it seems to be ok:


So why normally upgrade firmware at all when you can just use that?

Read through the open and closed issues on that github: not saying that you will run into an issue, but I think the chances are greater with that tool than doing it the old-fashioned way. Until it's at least as reliable, I doubt it could be made a default path.

Oh thanks, looking at the issues there do seem to be some small issues. I just tested it myself and it worked great and as McGiverGim said, it is updated in a regular manner. But yeah your point does make sense and I guess this is just a convenience tool for people willing to take the risk.

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