Should I buy a new Archer C7 or get something else?

I just moved from my parents house and it is time to get my own router. I was wondering if I should just get another C7, since it worked so well, or if I should upgrade to something else. Looking for recommendations on the same price range (up to 100 USD).

My internet speeds:



Depends on the speed of your internet connection...

What is "the same price range", product are priced differently in various regions.

Thanks for the answer! I guess there is some missing info on my post. I will edit it so I can add extra info.

Get a sw301da as router, they're $30ish, and an Archer C2600 as AP, they usually go around $40.

Used, on ebay.


The archer c7 (regardless of the h/w revision) is pretty much at its limits with 200/100 MBit/s WAN speed, meaning the CPU is maxed out and the resulting throughput can become choppy/ laggy (in sawtooth fashion). Yes, software flow-offloading can extend this a bit, but I personally wouldn't base a buying decision on the need to use flow-offloading (any kind of it). ipq806x however could easily cope with this (or rather up to ~450-500 MBit/s without sqm), ipq40xx as well (albeit with less headroom for the future) - both are more modern/ faster and 'better' than ath79.

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