Shopping for low-end mini PC with more than 1 Ethernet port

Has anyone looked at this market lately and can suggest a model? What I require:

  • Two or more GbE ports
  • AES-NI support
  • Fanless
  • Cost US $200 or less, ready to run (including case, RAM, and flash if those are sold separately)

Of course any common one-port PC can route "one armed" with a managed switch, but I'd prefer a simple WAN in LAN out plug in.

I like the APU2 series for such use cases.
You can buy it on Amazon, eBay, etc...

I'm running the apu2c4 with pfsense as firewall with 5 vlans and some OpenVPN servers/clients for more than three years.

I can do some aes-ni benchmarks with openssl if you are interested.

Don't forget that you can easily add a second GB ethernet with PCI-e or even PCI cards.

Gigabyte, dual GBE:

  • GA-N3150N-D3V
  • GA-J3455N-D3H
  • GA-N3160N-D3V


  • N3150M
  • N3150DC-ITX

PCIe, yes - PCI, not really.

Yes, there are 1000BASE-T ethernet cards for PCI, by they don't reach full capacity of 1 GBit/s linespeed (not by far), still better than 100BASE-T, but not worth it when looking for 1 GBit/s support.

PCI 2.0 gives you around theoret. max. 133 MB/s so I assume you wouldn't lose much if any bandwidth at all. PCI 2.1 even doubles the rate.

The PCI bus is shared among all connected PCI devices (in some cases, admittedly older ones, the southbridge itself is connected via PCI; more modern boards only have a PCIe to PCI bridge chip, which imposes its own throughput limits). In practice there is a significant impact of using PCI connected 1 GBit/s ethernet cards (yes, even for good chipsets).