ShieldMe - VPN Manager for OpenWrt

Greetings everyone!

I’m Emanuel, software engineer and the creator of ShieldMe.
I’ve built it to help you better leverage the security benefits of VPN routers.

Here's a quick features overview:

  1. Dashboard - view connection details, run speed tests, quickly connect/disconnect VPN, view top favorites, recommended servers and most recent connections
  2. Server List - view all available servers, filter, search, add/remove favorite servers and quick connect
  3. Favorites - manage favorite servers, drag and drop to reorder, filter and quickly connect
  4. Connection History - view and export details and analytics of past connections and performance
  5. Client Management - customize VPN behavior for websites and devices connected to the router
  6. Configuration - manage credentials, license, VPN service provider in use and language
  7. Logs - view and export collections of informational or error messages

My ultimate mission is to make VPN management easy for everyone by getting rid of the complexity behind this process and showing an intuitive user interface instead. To achieve this, my plan is to constantly develop, optimize and improve every aspect of ShieldMe through updates and by unlocking the full potential of your router.
I am committed to making sure you love using ShieldMe. If there is any way I can help, don’t hesitate to email me directly at

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!



7 euros/month - is this for real ? on top of vpn subscription ?
I envision a great success for your project...NOT

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Hi @maurer, thanks for your feedback!

There's a completely free 7-day trial available to check everything out without restrictions. I believe ShieldMe provides good value for the price and I regret that this was not your impression.
There are more features to come, including a mobile app to complement the web app.


What does it do other than setup the VPN connection on the router? Something which most VPN providers already have instructions for...

Even assuming there is some value in your software for the initial setup, what is the continuing value? Why should people pay out 84€ a year (or 120€ at full price)?

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Hi @krazeh, thank you for your question!

Not all providers have instructions and, even if they do, there are many manual steps and configuration to follow to get it working on a router.
When eventually finishing the initial setup, switching the server (e.g. to another country) means going through the same trouble again each time and ShieldMe alleviates this pain by automating this process for you.
Beside that, it also features a built-in speed test, favorites management, connection history (for server performance review) and provides an easy way to setup custom VPN rules (kill-switch, bypass, auto).

As previously stated, my roadmap includes other features (e.g. notifications), along with a complementary mobile app companion that is coming soon.

I completely agree that pricing and perception of value are subjective and while at the moment of this writing there's currently no yearly plan available, that will come (most probably with a discount).

For this reason, I believe the 7-day trial allows everyone enough time to evaluate and make a decision.

Thank you!

Not really much more than setting anything else up on a router. Plus you can do both OpenVPN and Wireguard connections through Luci if you don't want to use SSH or manually edit text files. In any case it's generally a one time setup.

Changing to a different server should be no more complicated than making one minor change in the config file. I've tried several VPN providers in the past and there's never been a need to start setup from the beginning to just change server...

The only bit here which does actually seem useful is the custom VPN rules, but as with everything else you're offering there's already free solutions to do the same thing.

What is the mobile app going to do/provide as additional value? What are the notifications going to inform the end user about?

Honestly, I think your estimation of how much 'value' your solution brings is vastly higher than reality. Especially when you charge substantially more per month than a number of the supported VPN providers do for their services.

Anyway, good luck with your project, but without substantially increased value, either by adding a lot more useful features (although I'm not sure there's much that could be added) or a massive drop in price, I would never use or recommend such a service to anyone.


yeah... i'd value at $30AUD(17US~13pound)/yr max...

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with openwrt lots of things are hard to setup, so any wizard like experience can bring more people to the community, however your pricing model is way off for me. I would go with one time fee (like 5 euro) and possibly support/updates yearly based tiers. Get early adopter, build community, listen to feedback, then rethink pricing (maintaining the old one for early adopters) But 7 euro per month for generally tech savy community ...

also how will you enforce that monthly payment - if it is in the code some will do if(true){move on}, if it is in binary no one will install it as people are looking for security and privacy in openwrt.


Someone can Write any script same as ShieldMe for OpenWRT ?

36 Euro per year! That's a lot, it should be 5-10 Euro per year.