Sharing state among OpenWrt APs? DNCP?


I'd like to explore ways to share state among APs, and was wondering if anybody did some work on this before. Basically, I'd like to figure out how feasible it is to do some of the following:

  • Having a unified user interface for all APs
  • Sharing UCI/configuration data (passwords, SSID names, …)
  • Sharing and detecting state (topology information, station information accross APs, traffic data, …)
  • Avoiding single points of failure

It seems Homenet seems to tick a lot of these boxes, but it also seems progress is pretty glacial on that front. It'd be nice if we could already start using some library to share state in the mean time. I'm thinking of some DNCP implementation (does any exist yet?) or some light weight p2p distributed key-value store.

Does anyone have pointers to projects in this area?