Sharing information beetween routers

Hi, I have a main router (x86) that manages my home network, a second router, a TPlink archer c7 (with openwrt) as an access point and a tplink eap245 (with stock firmware).
What I'm trying to archive is that the main router knows which AP the host is connecting from.
So for example if the host is connecting through the eap245 I can implement some sort of firewall rule.
Is this possible?
Also, the SSID of the Wi-Fi, if possible?

It's not possible, only your APs (the one you're actually connected to) have that information. The AP acts as a transparent bridge between wired and wireless, the router never gets to know where the packets are coming from.

You would have to split your network into multiple VLANs and ESSIDs to approach that functionality.

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With a small business class network setup like this the clients are supposed to roam between all the (in this case) EAP245 or AP as they use the same wifi setup.
So what specific AP they use is only a matter of radio signal strength.

But in the bottom end, the only real access control a wifi have is the unique password for each SSID. If the client know that they are inside that network.

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I believe this could be attempted with a script on EAP, it it would be running OpenWrt. It could detect newly associated clients and set the firewall rules or request further info, like IP, through SSH on your x86 router. However, it might be finicky to teardown these rules. Again EAP would need to connect to your router and remove them when client disassociates.

Thanks, I figured it couldn't be done. But maybe OpenWrt had some tool of their own to pass information to each other. I had to ask.