Share Services over OpenWrt as ClientMode

Hello guys,
I ll describe first my infrastructure .

Adsl router<--------> Router Huawei HG553 within OpenWrt 18.06.1 (Client Mode) (his address and adresse over local LAN is>printer usb
I have added firewall rule to let the communication between router and the local LAN

Result : I connect my router to the ADSL router and it has got this adress

I can access to openwirt over Navigator and SSH BUT the shared folder , service of sharing printer have stopped .
Do you have please an idea to reactive these services ?

I imagine you meant "guys".

What do you mean exactly by client mode? How are the two routers connected?

Anyway, it looks to me like you have the IP addresses mixed up. If the OpenWrt router is connected from WAN side to the main router, then the WAN address should be same network as main router, while the LAN address should be different network.

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