Shadowsocks and mullvad

Hello there!,

So i'm trying to make shadowsocks work with mullvad via wireguard but somehow I can't figure out how it works.

I did however checked some documentation but I don't seem to get it connected, from what I understand or atleast what I think is I have to use their bridge and set it up as remote server in the luci app for shadowsocks like so:

I believe that the server port can be anything atleast I think, there are a few guides showing port 443 aswell, the server ip is the mullvad bridge server, I also tried putting the non bridge wireguard ip in it but that doesn't work either.

and on the local instances tab I have this:

if im right or atleast I think I do, the tunnel address forwards it to the wireguard server this is not a bridge one but a non bridge wireguard server, while the 185.65.xx.xx ip is the shadowsocks bridge or server.

then I replace inside the wireguard interface the peer in the endpoint: and port 1080 but somehow I don't receive rx packets on the interface so something is wrong.

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I also tried to use a local ss client but I can't get it to work.

someone had success configurating it?, could you show examples? :slight_smile: