Several custom messages in luci-app-nut not being honored

I have set my custom configuration for Network UPS Tools (NUT) using luci-app-nut. However, it appears that my custom messages are not being honored for three out of the ten possible notification flags, namely: COMMOK (Communications restored message), COMMBAD (Communications lost message) and NOCOMM (No communications message).

Here is my LuCI configuration (ignored messages in red boxes) and the actual configuration set by luci-app-nut in /etc/nut/upsmon.conf.

I have set up email notifications for all ten flags, so I was able to further verify that two out of these three messages had not been set to my custom values by unplugging the USB cable connecting my UPS to my OpenWrt device and then plugging it back in.

When I unplugged the USB cable, I received a generic email with no subject that read "Communications with UPS upsmain@localhost lost". When I plugged the USB cable back in, I received a similar email that read "Communications with UPS upsmain@localhost established". I should have expected to instead receive emails that just read "testmsg" for both of these conditions had the custom messages that I set in luci-app-nut been honored.

I am running OpenWrt 23.05.0 on a Linksys E8450. NUT packages I have installed are:

  • nut (2.8.0-3)
  • nut-common (2.8.0-3)
  • nut-driver-usbhid-ups (2.8.0-3)
  • nut-server (2.8.0-3)
  • nut-upsc (2.8.0-3)
  • nut-upslog (2.8.0-3)
  • nut-upsmon (2.8.0-3)
  • nut-upsmon-sendmail-notify (2.8.0-3)
  • nut-web-cgi (2.8.0-3)
  • luci-app-nut (git-24.098.44565-aeb37b4)

Could this be a bug? I couldn't find this issue addressed anywhere else.