Setup VPN on Lan interfaces


My router is a Xiaomi Mi Router 3G

I have configured my openvpn client on openwrt to connect to nordvpn using this :

vpn in well mounted :


I have two lan ports in my router.
First Lan port is connected to my box
I want to use the second lan port to connect a device (tv or something else) and I want that the device use the vpn tuning

How can I do that ?

thanks for your help

for your information, I have a bridge for the two lan ports

If you mean that now both of your LAN connected clients are using the VPN and you only want one to use the VPN then research PBR:

It is easy to give your client a static lease (fixed IP address) and only route that IP address via the VPN using PBR

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Hi. In my case, when I connect the device to lan port, it's not connected to the vpn tune although vpn link is up.

A regular installation will route all Internet usage from any router network through the VPN. If that doesn't work, you need to troubleshoot that first.

Policy routing is only necessary if you want some things to continue to go to the Internet directly instead of via VPN while others do use the VPN.

Thanks @mk24

I will reset my configuration and try again.

One last question.

In my Xiaomi Mi Router 3G, I have one Wan Port and 2 Lan Ports.

Should I connect the Lan Port or the Wan port to my provider box (using DHCP delivered by the provider box)

Right now, I'm using the LAN port


Yes that's why VPN is not working-- the simplest way to set up VPN is an extension of lan->wan routing. So plug the WAN into your home network and the PC on lan.