Setup seamless Wi-Fi on 2 access points

Here is my situation: I have 2 AP's with OpenWRT 19.07.7 installed on. One is set-up as a router, the other as a dumb AP. They are at both ends of the house, connected with LAN cable and within each other wifi range (albeit weak).

What is my best option to create a seamless Wi-Fi in my house? I've read about DS but this works with connecting both AP's through Wi-Fi instead of LAN, which isn't an option given my situation. There are so many other options like 802.11s, B.A.T.M.A.N. ... that I don't have a clue anymore.

So, what is my best option to configure this?



Use the same SSID/PSK and non overlapping channels (1,6,11 in 11b)

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Thanks, I didn't know it was as simple as that.
If I would add another AP in the future, can I also use this method or is this limited to only 2 AP's?

You can add more APs in the future and assign them non overlapping channels accordingly.

Here you can see some examples for 3, 4, and 6 APs.


ok perfect I'll read this further.

Thanks for the help

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