Setup Redmi AX6000's VLAN practically

Good day, everybody!

Practically, I would like to understand how to correctly set up the VLAN on the Redmi AX6000 and how the network works separately. However, in the past several days, I was hardly determined to work according to the VLAN setup, but in fact, I wanted to setup the VLAN for Smart TV (IPTV) individually. But it's even without success yet.

Please, can someone provide the instructions for the VLAN or IPTV's VLAN (un-tagged) guidance that I can study so far on how it should be working on the network? Keep in mind that my router is new with OpenWrt's new vision or so. From OpenWrt's Menu, there is no Switch drop-down available.

Your kind assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, everybody!

Looks like i found some guidance from the link's information that would possibly help me to understand why. See attached the links below:

searched the forum for "vlan iptv" ?

Yes, can you please?

Hi Frollic!

Alternatively, it works. But you can still send the guidance of "vlan iptv" that you suggested previously.

Many thanks!

I think you would be best served by doing a youtube search; something like 'VLANs for noobs'.

I suggest you stay clear of networkchuck for the first few you watch.
He does not paste commands in the description so, inevitably there will be typos when you try to pause the video 4 characters at a time.

Hi LilRedDog!

Like previously, I've sorted it out, and that's why on my side it's working better. The further I'm doing so far and better again... Thanks, and I'm truly appreciated! :wink:

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