Setup Mr3020v1 as wifi router

I new to openwrt , I successfully installed a openwrt on tp link mr3020v1.

Now I need to configure this for my internet fiber broad band with static IP configuration and use this as a wifi router , how can I do that . I tried to add interface with my service provider static IP configuration. Anyway router only has one Ethernet port . Please explain the proper method for doing this


I'm not sure if you have another router in your apartment, where you want to connect the mr3020v1 to add wireless functionality to your existing network, or if you want this device to actually do the routing and create a subnet separate from you the larger network you are connected to, let that be straight from ISP or a community network

I infer from your question that it's likely to be the latter, but just wanted to confirm.

Anyway, there are two points here:

  • In OpenWrt, WiFi is off by default, for security reasons. So you only need to login, enable it an setup the security settings.
  • As you noted, the device has only one Ethernet port, which can be set to LAN (i.e. for switch mode), or WAN (i.e. router mode). When it's set as WAN port, accessing the device form that port needs some settings, and there is the WiFi (LAN side) of course.

If you have GUI (Web interface), connect your PC to the Ethernet port f your device, then go to Here you would need to do the following

  1. Enable WiFi and set up the security settings.

Once you have that sorted out, you would need to access the device through the WiFi to make sure it's working, before you can change the port to WAN (or otherwise you may lose access to the device)

Could you access the evice form SSH and provide the result of the following (don't forget to mask out the MAC address and your Static IP if you have it entered). Use Pre-formatted text tool to show the results

cat /etc/config/network
cat /etc/config/wireless
cat /etc/config/firewall
cat /etc/config/dhcp