Setup linksys router wrt32000acm

I have a linksys router wrt32000acm
I have now added OpenWRT 18.06.01 to it.
I can't change the IP address from to
I want to make it since I receive my internet via a modem / router from UBNT in a house where the router has from send to my Linksys router via two UBNT nanostation on 192.168.1.XX

When I try to convert the ip address from to, error is reported.

I have added OpenWRT to get VPN from NordVPN
Is there a good guide to this?

I also had to set up a guest wifi which cannot access my chormecast, sonos, etc.
Is there a good guide to this?

I am a new user and do not know much about this.

I have been able to do all this in LINKSYS own software near VPN from NordVPN

You should explain exactly how you try to change it and what error is reported.

Also, for the rest of your questions there are several guides at the wiki and posts around here.

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Either go to webgui Network-Interfaces- Edit the LAN interface. Change the IP address to the desired. Save and apply. Do a DHCP renewal on your desktop and log in with the new IP.


SSH to the router and directly edit file /etc/config/network under the lan interface, ip address option.

when I try it is in Interfaces - LAN and in IPv4 address
This is the error

Can you apply unchecked?


Read the error message and use "Apply unchecked" like proposed in the error message and suggested by trendy.


I pressed "Apply unchecked" but it didn't help.

Then I tried again and got this message:

"Device unreachable!

Could not access the device after applying the configuration changes. You might need to reconnect if you modified network related settings such as the IP address or wireless security credentials. "

Then I couldn't get on the router with or, so I turned off the router for 5 minutes, then the ip address on the router


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If you didn't renew the DHCP address and you still had the 192.168.1.X it would be impossible to open the webpage on

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I now have another problem with making a VPN with Nordvpn
I'm trying to follow this guide, a guide with pictures it's easy for me.

I'm starting to make an interface that the guide describes but I can't "cover the following interface" for tun0

I can't make a new one just pick those who are there.

I also can't "Create / Assign firewall zone"

I am clear that it is a guide on an older version from LEDE

Please don't mix different posts, open a new topic for the NordVPN.


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