Setup LED with LUCI

GL-MT300N-V2, 3.02 with OpenWrt 19.07.7

Trying to configure the middle LED through LUCI to show USB Tethering 4G connected or simply internet traffic detected.

I've tried: netdev, 4g-wan (custom entry in the hope it was the equivalent of 3g-wan as documented) with link, transmit and receive set

and even: usbport, device connected

to no avail. Can anyone offer some guidance?

the led path is device specific, you'll have to figure out the one valid for your device.

really appreciate your prompt response however I fear this is beyond me. Was hoping I could achieve something through the LUCI interface ;o)

the script I pointed to simply sets the color of the LED if the link's up or down, not when there's data transferred. Might not be what you were looking for, in the 1st place.

OK, so maybe what I do is use the Trigger netdev and monitor the Trigger Modes: Transmit & Receive

I have the Device options:

Any idea which to slect for 4G or even WAn assuming when 4G USB tethering is in use it is WAN?

I'll set and try usb0 in the interim to see if that does it ;o) - happy to report IT WORKS!

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