Setup l2tp/ipsec client

I want to setup a vpn client on a router running openwrt. my home router is a Ubiquiti Edge Router X with both pptp and l2tp/ipsec (psk) vpn servers running.

my goal it is have a openwrt router with vpn client to connect to my home (edge router) vpn server - either one. mainly to have my daughter be able watch N.tflix and other app on a roku without the recent headache these companies have recently caused for living away from home.

either a vpn client router,
or to simplify (less equipment) a regular router setup with additional wifi interface that routes through the vpn client.

not sure what are the best packages to install (like strongwan) since it is my own server and not a third party server (most tutorials seem to be written for 3rd party specifics)

thanks in advance

If you're starting from scratch, wireguard tends to be significantly easier to set up.
Yes, for IPsec you would need strongswan, which is divided into a dozen of binary packages (depending on your exact VPN protocol) and needs rather complex certificate handling, it works, if you know what you're doing, but… wireguard would be half an hour of work in comparison.

thanks. i will have to research them both. the issue is, i am new to trying to setup vpn clients on router. i have programed many tomato and openwrt routers. but that was mostly simple setup, or bridges and APs.
I only new of strongwan, since it was part of a setup needed to get a l2tp cpn client working on a linux laptop.

also is there a vpn setup guide or tutorial that would walk me through the setup.

i was trying this on a tomato router. but realized that l2tp was likely not going to work. and i didnt find a simple setup for pptp that applied to what i was trying to accomplish.

i figured i would have more luck with ipsec on openwrt.

I have successfully used (past tense) strongswan on OpenWrt in the past, but I've switched to wireguard a while ago and won't look back, it's just so much easier (and its own android app supports IPv6, which is a hard requirement for me (cgNAT)).

sounds good. thank you.

once you install the wireguard package, does it then give a tab in the gui to configure? or do you have to use cli? (i have not used cli on openwrt yet)
i used cli on my ubiquiti router. but i was following and exact set of instructions to setup the vpn servers.

Yes, there is a GUI available for Wireguard on OpenWrt.

opkg update
opkg install kmod-wireguard luci-app-wireguard

AFAIK, EdgeMax does not have GUI support for Wireguard, but it should be pretty easy to setup nonetheless.

thanks. as i was reading about wireguard, i saw the "luci-app"(that answered my question about gui)

i will have to see about wireguard server setup on edge router.

Also, I am able to connect to both vpn servers (on edge router) from my android phone. the servers were easy to setup, the client on routers seems to be the tricky part.