Setup DDNS Client Configuration

Looking for basic settings of Luci Dynamic DNS using my freedns subdomain

I check the enable [x] box on the openwrt ddns GUI

Below are my settings where values come from "" settings.

Lookup Hostname value-> Subdomain_name
DDNS Service Provider value ->
Domain value->
username value-> login_name on
password value-> psswd on

I go to check the webpage via the name page doesn't load. What am I missing here.

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I originally began by following the same link you provided. But I cannot load the default apache webpage. I get

The default Apache webpage should load. I am using a raspberry pi as webserver, not my Linksys acm3200 router. port 80 forwarding is enabled. If type in my 4 octect IP, the page comes up. If I use the ddns, it says Bad Request.

If the Apache server is receiving the request, both when using the name or the IP address, but it returns an error when using the name, then the issue is in the Apache server; has it been configured to serve that domain?


no I have not configured the apache server. How would go about doing that? I still researching...

OK, I think I will try this link and report back, Raspberry Pi DNS Settings

This is a question about an Apache server running on another machine, I do not think this is the best forum.