Setup a system wide socks5 client?

So i would like to know if into an openWrt that is running a Wireguard client : can we set a proxy client on it ? I know privoxy can do, but can it be system wide ?
I try simply with the old proxychain, but not much appear. Shadowsocks could be, but just from the it don't work and haven't figure out how to set a proper config to connect to a client. the ss0 is fine, but what to set in ss-redir.
I see tinyproxy.. but i don't want to set a special server for that.
So simply connecting to a socks5 proxy directly from the OpenWrt and not having to set a proxy/port into windows, or firefox...

Many Thanks

So just to know if it's a possible solution: as having a proxy from the Owrt or it's only from the web browser... ?
thanks for some hints