Setup 4G/LTE Dongle on Raspberry Pi 3

Hi there.
I have an old crappy router (DI-615) broadcasting a WiFi, rpi3 and a 4G/LTE USB dongle (Huawei E392).
I want to "make rpi3 do interweb" for the router :wink:

I got lede up'n'running on rpi3 (LEDE Reboot 17.01.2 r3435-65eec8bd5f).
I've setup dongle and can connect just fine to internet, at least I'm able to download packages to lede :+1:

My issue is, I can't seem to get "the internet" from rpi to router.
What would you guys recommend as a setup? How many interfaces? Firewall? Should I bridge them? Plz help :slight_smile:

I've been fiddling with it, and I just can't seem to get it to work.
I want:
Interweb <=> rpi w/dongle <=> Router <=> Wifi => Happiness

This is my current setup

Thanks guys

I am exactly in the same position as you except that I have DIR-655 router.

But I am stuck in setting up E392 with Pi3 and latest "EDE Reboot 17.01.2 r3435-65eec8bd5f"'

How did you setup LEDE to work with E392, did you use any specific guide? I cannot find any docs. Please help!

Are you using uqmi?
Have you checked pin-status of modem?

I managed to get it up and running using this guide

which I think is based in this one

Moreover there is another spawn of OPenwrt/Lede which has all that pre-configired for E392 and other modems and there is an image for pi3

So now my modem is connected to Internet. SO next step for me would be to test it with DIR-655. Will try it tonight and report.

Sweet. Good to hear.
Let me know, I would love to hear more.

I suspect my issue is with bridging traffic from modem to LAN port.

I have tested at home with he connection is working. Here is how connection looks like followed by the screenshots of the Ethernet and WAN interface config and then DHCP config pages in LEDE. The last one is a screenshot from my router page.

So first I setup the 4g router with Pi3 and made it work so that I can ping and browser internet from within the LEDE. I used the guides linked from above posts. When that was done and I was sure that the internet connection works then I just plugged in the LAN cable from Pi3 into WAN port on my DIR-655. WAN port not LAN port this is important. Then LEDE acted like a DSL router and provided Internet connection.

I hope this somehow help.

As a matter of fact I like ROOter firmware more than pure LEDE as it has more functions like restarting Pi in case if 4G connection goes down.

here are the links to screenshots

This forum engine is stupid, I cannot make more than 3 posts so adding reply here.

My local Wireless LAN connected via DIR-655 is having 192.168.0.X address range. LEDE has address and yes I can access it from my LAN without a problem. Therefore I can login to LEDE and administer restart change config etc.

Hi man
That's great.
Sorry I did not post link to the guide I used yesterday, but you found it :wink:

One question tho; when 4G connections drops or Pi needs manintanence. In your current configuration how will you access it?
Would be it?

I'll deff chekout ROOter, semms nice

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I too got it working. I had almost given up. I suspected I had somehow overcomplicated the setup and prob. messed something obscure up. So when you said you had a working setup, I nuked everything.
Rest router, reflashed LEDE on rPi and began again.
Router is on with DHCP (subnet
rPi is on with DHCP (subnet, and following the guide I quickly got the modem spinning.
Now I'm happy :sunny:

I found a package which allow us to send custom UCI commands fra web: luci-app-commands (prob also want 'luci-i18n-commands-en' for language...)
From there I configured frequently used commands for ease

Thanks for your input dude!

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