Setup 2nd router as dumb AP/ switch

Hi Guys,
I have my main router a linksys ea8300 working fine with dspk and vlans thanks to the help I got from NPeka75 in my other topic
I’m just not sure how to set up my second router ..
I’ve connected a trunk port going to 2nd router, delete the wan interface and added the port to br-lan switch and also deleted all firewall profiles, but do I have to create the vlans again, or can the router use the vlans coming from the 1st router ?

Both? I mean, you already created a trunk to route the VLANs, now you create the VLANs again on the dumb AP, and bridge that to the SSIDs. However, by VLANs I mean VLANs, not networks...

A dumb AP should be configured based on a default configuration and then following the dumb AP guide. I'd recommend leaving the firewall exactly as it is -- don't make any changes (it's not necessary and may cause you problems later if you mess things up).

From there, you'll need to configure the additional VLANs on the dumb AP as well as the same dpsk method you used on the main AP.


hi @SkyCrw

so, you have reference config for main AP. If i remember correctly, LAN4 is trunk port with all vlans on it

differences for DumbAP:

interfaces vlan 10,20,30,40 need to have proto 'none"
since these interfaces only "bridge" vlan to wifi, they have no other purpose so no need to have their IP addresses
only on your vlan1 (lan) interface you need to have
disable whole dhcp/dnsmasq config since this device will not serve anything. No DNS, no DHCP

rest is same, LAN4 as trunk

for start, disable firewall with
/etc/init.d/firewall stop


Many thanks again for your knowledgeable input, since you've helped guide me with the first router, this response was exactly what I needed to configure the second router/ dump AP.
I've learned so much about the OWRT cli commands from you and from analyzing the snippets of code you shared amazing !

Also many thanks for everyone else who also took the time to give a response


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