Settings OpenWrt Power Channels

I'd like to know,
Which country has the most channels and in which country is the transmission power legally highest?

Or are the channels standardized worldwide?

Also see:


Note: You should set the country to the country where you really live, not to the one that allows the highest power.

It is a common misconception that "all my wifi problems will be gone if I only put enough power on the antenna".


Yes, @Conny, you should note it's generally illegal to set a WiFi country that's not yours.

Most WIFI travel adapters
allow only 100 to 200 mW.

This is what the WLAN power amplifier is designed for.

The range only increases slightly with 4 times the transmission power.

But that doesn't help, as our computers are only designed for a transmission power of 100 mW.

Just for information, which country is the most generous in terms of the number of channels/transmission power?

I provided the links above.

Just as a further reason to configure the correct regdom, many clients will scan the environment for 802.11d regdom hints from all APs around and intersect their features accordingly - so misconfiguring your AP will only hurt you (and your neighbours).

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No, it's not. I'm not aware of any consumer ("unlicensed") WiFi amplifier, at least in the US. I am aware of devices that contain them built in (already incorporated in a licensed device).

Also, I'm totally lost, why are you trying to change power on the router, when you admit the clients have the low power?

I highly advise you keep everything at their legal settings.

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