Setting V2ray_shunt with ShadowSocks Node Included

I try to create V2ray Shunt at Passwall Service
The Version I want to make is :
1 : Default Connection is No Access to any sites
2 : Node that can access all sites using VPN Node
3 : Node that can access some sites using VPN Node

I have set below configuration to get the 1st point
TCP Node : V2ray_shunt
UDP Node : Same as the tcp node
Type : V2ray
Default : Blackhole

I also set a ShadowSocks Node to get the 2nd point, which is already good to go

but here I stuck for the 3rd point,
Its like I try to join the V2ray_shunt with the ShadowSocks Node
I've create a New Rule Manage profile as TestX and put '' inside the rule
also create a Node with :
Type : V2ray
Portocol : Shunt
TestX : VPN Node
Default : Blackhole
after that I try to access '' using this nodes, but unable to access
Could anyone explain to me how its work ? Thank you

What device, and Openwrt version is this ?

Sir, Thanks for asking, here is the version
Openwrt Version : R23.6.6 / LuCI Master (git-23.141.16773-28dd4b3)
Kernel Version : 6.1.31
The device got no brand, it just an China random cheap router

Well, that's not OpenWrt - so maybe better ask whoever is providing that.

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It is not ? I thought it is,
Okay then, thanks for your information Sir.
I will try to find others way.

You could install proper Openwrt, from

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Try to Sir thanks,
Which type of image you recommended for the setting I want to build ?
Is it all supported or you got a better choice ?

Since you're already running a derivative of openwrt, try the squashfs sysupgrade EFI image.

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