Setting Up Sqm Correctly

I have an netgear r6220 OpenWrt router that is connected to my modem that is in bridge mode so my OpenWrt router is my main router. On my network interface my wan and wan6 both have the same interface name and the ipv4 address of my wan is also different from my LAN ip address. ( wan starts with 66 and lan starts with a normal 192.) I felt to include this because most people I see with sqm setup always have their lan and wan ipv4 address very similar. Currently, my sqm setup is on eth0.2 interface which is (wan,wan6) and my down/up are 85000 and 9500 because my isp provided speeds are 100dl/12up. Queue Discipline is cake/wan triple isolate piece of cake. And lastly, link layer adaptation is ethernet overhead and 22 for per packet overbytes. I need advice on if this is the right setup because I still get between an A and B bufferbloat rating, any feedback on how to set this up to get a better bufferbloat rating will be appreciated.

Usually 10% of WAN is good.

You're trying to...improve on an A???


By 10% you mean taking my max speeds and multiplying it by 0.90 right?

Yea lol you’re right I’m just tryna make sure I can get the best out of sqm.

That sounds about right. If you post links to the detailed results of your dslreports speed tests we can look more into the details. But if the individual probes in the buffer bloat detail plots look sane, I would not put too much stock into the one letter grade, it is always a bit tricky to break down complex results into single classifiers....

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