Setting up Cyberghost VPN on wrt3200acm

Brother, I have wrt 22.05 running on my wrt3200acm. I works well. But id like to install a vpn. I have cyberghost vpn and i would like to use it. Is there a guide you can point me too. I need some help. Thank you

Bro. This one is for expressvpn. I have Cyberghostvpn is the process different? can you point to a guide?

hi bro. Id like to ask a question rather. Please can you guide me as to how to setup vpn client on my wrt2300acm.
I have already installed openwrt and configured the radios. It works well. I just cant put my cyberghost vpn on there. Can you point me in the correct direction.
Thank you much

Follow the Cyberghost instructions to get your personalized .ovpn file, API username and password (which is not the username and password used to log into your Cyberghost account) from them. With these you can configure OpenVPN using the regular OpenVPN client instructions.