Setting up a wireless AP Client connection on Luci before having access to the network

Hi there. Not entirely sure if I'm in the right place, but I have an E-Lins H685 router which uses Luci as the interface. I need to deploy it in a remote location, and while it's possible to simply configure it on scene, it would be most practical to be able to do so from before.

What I do now which works for setting up the AP client is to simply log on to the router, go to Network->Wifi, click AP Client, join the network with key and all, save and apply and it all works out.

However, if I try doing the same by adding the network, it doesn't work. Actually setting up AP client is trivial, but it does require you to be able to see the wifi network currently, even if you already know ESSID and BSSID.

Is there any way I could set this up in advance so I don't have to do it on site? Pictures included, hopefully for clarity.

@hodahle, welcome to the community!

  • Is this OpenWrt?
  • You device is not listed in the Table of Hardware - therefore it's likely unsupported
  • Why is your wireless config completely blank (that is not the default in OpenWrt)?

I would advise you contact the developer of that firmware (E-Lins???). This isn't OpenWrt firmware.


To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure whether it's OpenWRT or not, I'm pretty new to this. All I know is it say /cgi-bin/Luci in the adress bar. Googling led me to believe it's part of OpenWRT, I may have been mistaken.

It's blank because I removed it to set it up for the picture and reconfigure. I probably should've left it default, but I couldn't remember whether I changed it before so I figured I'd just remove it and start over.

I'll try contacting E-Lins for help. I thought to look here for help first because their technical documentation is quite poor as they don't speak English very well. Have had dealings with them in the past for technical support where it was also hard to understand. Still, if this isn't OpenWRT, I understand that you can't help me.

Thank you for the reply.

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