Setting up a separate Wireguard-Server in LAN

Hi,right now in a LAN I'm using as raspi-client as my entrypoint for wireguard-connections from Internet. Router ins this case is from Internet-Provider, so it does not run Openwrt. But I forward my wireguard-port to raspi and this device works as wireguard-endpoint and forwards LAN-access to all clients on my LAN.

I have an old router here capable of running openwrt which I would like to use as Wireguard-Endpoint to replace my raspi. But I'm not able to find a working config for this: HowTos here are always describing a setup where OpenWRT is working as router with wireguard. In my case I only need OpenWRT as a LAN-client running as wireguard-endpoint and forwarding accepted connections to destination clients in my lan. So no firewall and no NAT is needed.

Can anyone point me to a description meeting my needs?

Thanks in advance

What I would do... First convert into a dumbAP and then on top of that configure the wireguard server.

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