Set VLAN id Nanostation M5 XM

Ok , so I know this is very old hardware , but I need to use it :grin:

I have loaded version 19.07.10 which I think is the latest version that will work on this device ( upgraded from V17) . It has 8MB/32MB.

Anyway ... I cannot find where to set a VLAN ID. This is my setup:

Bridged the two ports on the Nanostation and enabled POE on the secondary port. secondary port is connected to a Mikrotik Dynadish.

I need to use VLANs in my setup to separate networks. The network connected to the Main NIC on the Nanostation must be able to get to the dynadish and it's , Connections on the Wifi side of the Nanostation must not be able to see anything on the network connected to the Main NIC

How can i get VLAN working on this thing. I see nothing relating to VLANS in the web based config.