Set up glass fibre WAN

My internet provider provides glass fibre and a ZTE router preconfigured (settings not visible) for the WAN coming out from the fibre optic box.
In the website they provide settings for third party routers, but I wasn't able to find the place to set them in openwrt.

  • WAN Protocol: MAC Encapsulated Routing
  • WAN1 1p/VLAN ID: 1/34
  • WAN3 1p/VLAN ID: 5/4
  • PPPoE passthrough function: Enable
  • IP-adres:
  • Duplex Mode: Auto
  • Max Bit Rate: Auto
  • DHCP Server, pool Start IP:
  • DHCP Server, pool End IP:

IP and DHCP is easy to set but I went to WAN settings and "encapsulated MAC" is not there.

How to input those settings in openwrt?

What is the link to their website, how/to what are you connecting your router?

Sorry, I forgot to paste the link after pasting the text.

The fiber optic gets into a Genexis box that has an Ethernet output to be connected to the "WAN" port of the router. The router they provide is a modem/router ZTE H369A (the modem part of it is not used, as I said the Ethernet goes into the WAN port).

I'm trying to use a WNDR3700v2 with Openwrt 17.xx.

If I understood correctly you should select the WAN protocol as "DHCP Client".
if that doesn't work then try WAN protocol "PPPoE"

The other settings you mentioned apply to ADSL/VDSL modem which you are not using or Fibre Optic Optic Box which is already configured.

In the website they provide settings for third party routers, but I wasn't able to find the place to set them in openwrt.

  • WAN Protocol: MAC Encapsulated Routing

I think this just means they aren't using DSL protocols, it's straight ethernet.

  • WAN1 1p/VLAN ID: 1/34
  • WAN3 1p/VLAN ID: 5/4

It appears they offer two different "channels", perhaps one is for internet and the other for voice or IPTV? in any case, I don't know which is which, but this seems to be telling you that you need to set up a tagged VLAN on your WAN connection. It seems that the VLAN tag 34 is for "normal" internet with priority 1, and the vlan tag 4 is for "higher priority" services with priority 5 (1p refers to priority, VLAN ID refers to tag number)

  • PPPoE passthrough function: Enable

Do they give you a PPPoE username and password? If so you might need to make your WAN port protocol be PPPoE and provide the various stuff.

  • IP-adres:
  • Duplex Mode: Auto
  • Max Bit Rate: Auto
  • DHCP Server, pool Start IP:
  • DHCP Server, pool End IP:

If I understand correctly, all of these are actually up to you and refer to recommended setting on your LAN. they can be safely ignored for the moment in favor of defaults used by OpenWRT for the LAN.

Fiber optic settings:

WAN Protocol: MAC Encapsulated Routing 
WAN1 1p / VLAN ID: 1/34 
WAN3 1p / VLAN ID: 5/4   
PPPoE passthrough function: Enable 
IP address: 
Duplex Mode: Auto 
Max Bit Rate: Auto 
DHCP Server, pool Start IP: 
DHCP Server, pool End IP: 

The fibre optic box has multiple ports, WAN1=Internet, WAN3=IPTV

Yes, then I think you want to put your OpenWRT WAN on vlan 34 and plug it into the WAN1 port on the fiber box.

I'm not sure about that, they may be the settings to use to configure a fibre optic modem not the third-party router

Might be, but it's easy enough to test. Start out without any tag and if it doesn't work, add the tag.

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The optical fibre box has only one connection, I found out they use VLAN to tag the traffic. 34 for internet, 4 for TV.

I went to WAN and I left DHCP as it was, then I went to the Switch setting of Luci and I set the two VLAN: eth0 (CPU) is tagged for both, the rest of the ports are tagged for internet, and untagged for the rest.

I guess this is the setting, but the wan still gets no IP.
I read that it may take a day to get one, so I'll wait.i hope I did the rest correctly.

Why ? You only want to tag a port if it is been used as a trunk to another router.

You need to use untagged if you want to enable the port for use with the vlan or off if you want to disable for that vlan.

Also have you tagged your WAN port?

The wiki page says that this model has the WAN port directly connected to the CPU (eth1) not through the switch.

In that case you would only need to change the WAN physical device from 'eth1' to 'eth1.34'. Leave WAN as a DHCP client. It should get a public IP address if everything is working as expected.

You may need to have the ISP remove your old router's MAC address from their AAA so that your new one is authorized. Or you could change your WAN MAC to clone the old router.

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Thanks for the replues.

In "Switch" I tagged only eth0 for VLAN 34 and left the remaining LAN 1-4 untagged.

I went to Interfaces-WAN and I tried to change the physical device to eth1.34, but I don't have it. I see only eth0.34 and eth1 (plus the wi-fi's).

How should I proceed to get eth1.34?


I think you can just type it into the box next to the custom or other option, whatever it's called. I don't have access to kick to check at the moment.

Since I eralised that I need more ports than the WNDR3700v2 was providing, and since I had a Netgear GS108Ev2 available, I used that one to split the two VLANs.

Piece of cake, it works.

Now the glass fiber is on port 1, marked as 4T+34T+1U with PVID 1 (I'll explain why the 1U), port 2 is 4U PVID 4, port 3 is 34U PVID 34, ports 4-8 are 1U PVID 1 (I want to use ports 4-8 as normal switch, independent from the first 3 ports and 2 VLANs).
IGMP snooping must be OFF or (as I did) active on the IPTV VLAN for the IPTV to work.

Explanation of the 1U for port 1: I wanted to disconnect port 1 from VLAN 1 altogether, but I have to assign a PVID to that port anyway, and I didn't know which one: 4, 34, or a completely different VLAN I create just for that port PVID? so I left 1U and PVID 1, for the time being.

PVID is the VLAN that incoming untagged packets will be defaulted into. If you're not expecting any incoming untagged packets, you could set it to anything, such as a dummy VLAN so they go nowhere.

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I'm trying to do the same thing with a WRT3200ACM on OpenWrt 18.06.4 r7808. However I'm having a very hard time getting everything to work. I was able to make the internet on VLAN 1/34 to work in about 5 minutes. I was able to make the IPTV on VLAN5/4 solely by configuring the VLAN5/4 on the switch0 to be Tagged on the WAN port and untagged on Ethernet Port 4. I'm not sure if you are really supposed to do that, but I'm nearly 100% sure that's what the Linksys firmware does when you configure the VLANs.

The problem I'm facing is that with the above configuration the OTT-content (Netflix, YouTube and other apps that need internet doesn't work. I found that if I let the IPTV boot up from the ZTE router where everything works and I plug it into one of the internet ports on my WRT3200ACM none of the IPTV channels work, however all of the OTT-content works fine.

So far I know that if I connect the IPTV to the ZTE router the IPTV gets an IP address from the router's DHCP server, I can see the IPTV on the LAN, I can use the IPTV on any LAN port on the ZTE router, it seems that the IPTV traffic only goes to the port where the IPTV is connected to. I'm guessing multi-cast traffic but I haven't packet sniffed yet to figure out what protocol is used.

If I have the configuration with any firmware where I have VLAN 5/4 mapped to Ethernet Port 4 and the WAN port it seems to get an IP address from the provider. I have no idea what protocol is used to get the IP address, but DHCP does not work. If I try to connect another device to that port I get no IP from the ISP through DHCP.

The assigned IP address on VLAN 1/34 (Router), and VLAN 5/4 (IPTV) are very different. However the IP address on VLAN 1/34 is assigned through DHCP.

For the sake of trying to figure out what is going, and I know its not proper configuration, I configured VLAN 5/4 and 1/34 on switch0. I set tagged on the WAN port for both VLANS, and then marked ethernet ports 1-4 as untagged on VLAN 5/4. What was interesting, if I booted the IPTV from the ZTE router. Some of the IPTV channels worked, not all, the OTT-content worked, but I was unable to boot the IPTV while connected in this manner.

What I think I need to do is configure switch0 with VLAN 1 (untagged to ethernet ports 1-4), VLAN 5/4 (tagged to CPU 1 and tagged to WAN), and VLAN 1/34 (tagged to CPU 1 and tagged to WAN). I then need to route both VLAN 5/4 and VLAN 1/34 to VLAN 1. Then I guess there needs to be IGMP on VLAN 1 to prevent the rest of my LAN being flooded by IPTV multicast traffic, as some of my experimentation has shown.

So far I have the above configuration configured but I can't get an IP address for the openWRT interface attached to VLAN5/4, so my geuss is that I can't rout it to VLAN1. Out of interest I have also tried to configure VLAN 5/4 as the only WAN and rout that to VLAN1 but I wasn't able to make the IPTV work.

I have spent over 2 weeks trying to do this with the Linksys firmware, dd-WRT, and now OpenWRT. It seems to me that OpenWRT works the best so far but I'm stuck now and don't know what to do next.

If anyone has any ideas how to achieve this I would really appreciate it.

What do you mean with terminology like "VLAN 5/4" An IEEE802.3q VLAN is one number which can range from 1 to 4094.

It sounds like the TV box and modem uses a VLAN to receive its native ISP based TV service, and either a different VLAN or untagged packets for third party apps to access the general Internet (what you are calling "OTT").


Have you heard about Comcasts' new stained glass fiber? Different colored fiber for various applications.